Our story

The origins and history of the founding of La Vite Winery

The establishment of La Vite Winery dates back to 1970. Our deed of partnership mentions 43 founders, yet today the winery hosts more than 800 producers on various vineyards spanning about 1,600 hectares. We are located in south-central Sicily at an average elevation of 250-350 meters above sea level, near the municipalities of Riesi, Butera, and Mazzarino.

On the elegant limestone hills that slope down to the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, our vineyards are cultivated with caring devotion and extend from the beautiful Castle of Falconara to the Valleys of the Salso river; filled with numerous old sulphur mines all the way to Villa Romana del Casale in Piazza Armerina.

Thanks to the very rich heritage of local and distinguished vineyards, as well as the strong wine-growing vocation of the area, which dates back to the end of the XVIIth century, we now produce high quality wines where the Sicilian terroir expresses scents, harmony, and robustness all blended in incomparable balance.